1975 Planetary Citizens Awards for Amb. Fereydoun Hoveyda
and Ms. Helvi Sipila


A HUMAN MANIFESTO. This document was first published in 1972
by Planetary Citizens Registry (no longer in operation) as a full-page ad in the New York Times. ...

Human life on our planet is in jeopardy.

It is in jeopardy from war that could pulverize the human habitat.

It is in jeopardy from preparations for war that destroy or diminish the prospects of decent existence.

It is in jeopardy because of the denial of human rights.

It is in jeopardy because the air is being fouled and the waters and soil are being poisoned.

It is in jeopardy because of the uncontrolled increase in population.

If these dangers are to be removed and if human development is to be assured, we the peoples of this planet must accept obligations to each other and to thee generations of human beings to come.

We have the obligation to free our world of war by creating an enduring basis for world peace.

We have the obligation to safeguard the delicate balances of the natural environment and to develop the world's resources for the common good.

We have the obligation to place the human interest, and human sovereignty above national sovereignty.

We have the obligation to make human rights the primary concern of society.

We have the obligation to create a world order in which man neither has to kill or be killed.

In order to carry out these obligations, we the peoples of this world assert our primary allegiance to each other in the family of man.

We declare our individual citizenship to the world community and our support for a United Nations capable of governing our planet in the common human interest.

The world belongs to the people who inhabit it. We have the right to change it, shape it, nurture it.

Life in the universe is unimaginably rare. It must be be protected, respected, cherished.

We pledge our energies and resources of spirit to the preservation of the human habitat and to the infinite possibilities of human betterment in our time.